Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I am my own best valentine

Happy Valentine's Day....

I don't really get excited for Valentine's, it seems like a bit of a silly day. What I don't like is the focus media places on this day being for couples. I always thought it was about love, and love is for everyone, whether you are in a relationship or not. But I guess any excuse to eat chocolate isn't a bad thing (was this holiday created by dentists?)

Today I was my own valentine, and I treat myself good!

Today I:

- bought myself flowers
- attended my weekly cardio kickbox class

Sunday, February 05, 2006

My name is Soosan and I'm an informercial junky.

Admit it... we all watch them, we all get caught up in them!

I have a few favourites:

-the REVO spinning hairbrush (it's REVOlutationary)
-Anything by Ron Pompeil (just set it.. and forget it!)

Numerous others which I can only visualize but not remember the product name.. such as one from aaages ago that was used on coarse thick hair to smoothen it and actually ended up making everyone bald.

What I love are the fake actor ones...

I *love* this one.. it makes me laugh like... well.. it's memorable.

The funniest part of this informercial ARE the actors! Has anyone seen this one? They have really peppy people in their mid-30s (or early 40s), but then they have this out of place spinster lady "Ethel" with a cigarette hanging from her mouth the entire infomercial. She is wearing one of those floral dresses, her hair is all mega-permed, she has cat eye glasses. She reminds me of a character that Rachel Dratch would play on SNL. Who exactly ARE they marketing to..

I want to find a picture of Ethel.. she's too funny. My favourite is how grossed out she is by garlic, and broccoli. weird weird weird

Wednesday, February 01, 2006